Aromatherapy in Zurich

Wellness for body and soul

Beside many different massages with different massage techniques, we have a special offer consisting of aromatherapy in Zurich Seefeld. With exclusive essential oils we will stimulate your senses in an aromatherapy in Zurich Seefeld. This will give you the opportunity to free your soul from the stress of workday life. Different studies already have proven, that aromatherapy has many different positive consequences on your body and your spirit.

Seefeld is based on essential oils

We offer you a wellness for your body and your soul with our aromatherapy in Zurich Seefeld. The variegated essential oils we use in aromatherapy in Zurich Seefeld will help against pain and angst – psychologically and physiologically. We ensure you help in depression, nausea and insomnia. The different essential oils used in aromatherapy in Zurich Seefeld have an antioxidant effect. Different inflammations can be cured with aromatherapy.

Specialised aroma therapy – chosen for your needs

By the time the effects of essential oils became more and more familiar to most people – a clear pro for aromatherapy in Zurich Seefeld. The aroma has a positive effect on the receptors in our noses which then cause different impulses and send them to our brain via our nerves. Considering scientists, they have different effects on our emotions. Some aromas can therefore have effects on our psych – this information can be used to help curing a depression.