Backpain Therapy

Massages have a very long tradition

In the back pain therapy in Zurich Seefeld, massages have a quite long tradition. They are applied since several hundreds of years. Especially some specific massage techniques have been approved as very successful. Massages are applied since thousands of years considering back pain therapy in Zurich Seefeld. The will relieve pain but also slacken tensions. Many old cultures and societies have documented the different techniques used and well-tried in the last hundreds of years. They have become a core part of back pain therapy in Zurich Seefeld. Tensioned muscles, which often are the trigger for back pain, will be slackened by a comprehensive massage. The spine is stretched gently at the same time.

Massages help with physical and psychological blockades

Massages do not only bring the desired relief in a back pain therapy. Via selected techniques it is also possible to break physical and psychological blockades. Additionally, energetic blockades can be eliminated via massages. In a back pain massage in Zurich Seefeld, the muscles are stretched alongside the spine. The beginning of each massage is the head. It is massaged further down until the lower back area. The muscles on the back sides are massaged in the end of a back pain therapy massage.

Selective loosening

A selective loosening can be achieved using massages considering back pain therapy in Zurich Seefeld. Every single vertebra of the spine is exanimated. With the knowledge gained from this examination, the spine can be slackened very selectively. The intervertebral discs will be aligned. Additionally, the nerve system is eased this way. For the back pain therapy in Zurich Seefeld, it is also common to use a massage in the opposite direction. It is concentrated in the upper back part. Especially muscles located in the neck area can be slackened with this very effectively. With a massage in a back pain therapy it is also possible to loose existing tension knots. An outranging effect on the trapezius can be found in these massages. Additionally, the rib muscles can be slackened.