Headache Therapy in Zurich

Gently headache therapy in Zurich with massages in Zürich Seefeld

Headaches do not only have to be cured via pills. By the time, more and more alternatives have been established. They are more gentle and comfortable. The headache therapy in Zurich with massages is one of it. While cool air and a glass of water only relieve the acute pain of a headache, massages applied within a headache therapy in Zurich can result in a sustainable amelioration. Special head- and face massages are used then. They relieve pain and additionally will result in opening your mind and senses. The head- and face-massage in Zurich is a gentle headache therapy in Zurich, where no chemical agents are used. The area from shoulders to head are massaged here. In particular, light dispersing and selective prolongations are used in addition to circular stroking.

Very gentle massage

The headache therapy in Zurich is associated with an exceptional soft massage. This is required because of the face and the head having numerous nerve cells. Due to that, the massage has to be very gently. If the headache can be located or if the reason is known, the headache therapy in Zurich can be applied very precisely. Single massage movements can result in a pain relief. Those techniques can be learned quite fast, so that a pain relief can be achieved very quickly when it comes to spontaneous headache.

Different reasons for a headache

Basically, headaches can have variegated reasons. If possible, those reasons should be included in the headache therapy in Zurich. By defining the trigger of the headache, the pain can be relieved sustainably. For instance, primary and secondary pains can be avoided just by drinking enough water. Fresh air can also avoid the pain of a headache. When the headache cannot be avoided and pains are present, it is time for a headache therapy in Zurich. The massages are individualised to your specific needs. Trust our experience and expertise and relax with one of our massages!