Pain Therapy Zurich

Today, pain therapies in Zurich are important parts of therapeutic therapies. A pain therapy in Zurich will not only lower your stress level, but also your pains. There are variegated forms considering pain therapy in Zurich which can be applied. Over the past years, massages have become a main part. It is rumoured, that some massages will reduce your pains. This can be done by using special massage techniques, which will slacken tensions and directly relax the muscles. One pain therapy in Zurich is the dynamic spine therapy. Different massage techniques such like stretching, swinging and pushing are applied. Correction techniques are also used to mobilise the joints. Furthermore, the kinaesthetic massage is used as a pain therapy in Zurich. It describes small manual massage movements applied to your skin and your joints.

Gentle and soft relief

By pain therapy in Zurich a soft and gentle pain relief is achieved. Another massage technique is the manual cupping glass massage which is well-tried. With this technique, different reflex zones and reflex points are stimulated. They are located in a fictitious therapy zone. Nevertheless, this technique can also be applied to single joints, sinews or ligaments. The connective tissue massage is another form of popular pain massages in Zurich. It is especially used in cases where functional restrictions of the body are given. Furthermore, the Thai massage has established as a massage for the whole body originated in Thailand. This massage is applied with strong pushes.

Trust on us

We use massages as well-tried pain therapies in Zurich. Trust our expertise and our exceptional masseuses. Our areas are well designed so that you initially feel comfortable. You will achieve the ability to relax and will be magnified by the Asian spirit. Very old techniques, tested over several centuries, are used properly. Trust us when it comes to your pain therapy in Zurich!