Traditional Thai massage (TTM)

Thai massage follows ancient traditions which have been handed down through the generations. Usual movements stretch and fold the body as the therapist’s hands, elbows and feet are used to massage pressure points to open the flow of energy., elongate the muscles and release deep seated tension. The result is an improved sense of well-being and flexibility.

60 min / 110 chf / 99chf*
90 min / 160 chf / 144chf*
120 min / 190 chf /171chf*

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Aroma Therapy

A full body massage with light pressure that soothe tense muscle, leaving your feeling totally relaxed, and stimulates blood circulation. The essential oil being used, makes the treatment a comfortable and relaxing experience. The Aromatherapy`s essential oil used, will also rejuvenate the skin and make it moist and soft.

60 min / 130 chf /117chf*
90 min / 190 chf / 171chf*
120 min / 230 chf

*Membership -10%

Sport massage

Pro motes flexibility , red uces fatigue, helps prevent injuries and prepares body for optimal

60 min / 140 chf / 126chf*
90 min / 210 chf /189chf*
120 min / 250 chf
/ 225chf*

*Membership -10%

Foot reflection Massage

The genuine reflexology is the application of press ure onto particular areas

60 min / 110 chf /99chf*
90 min / 160 c
hf / 144chf*

*Membership -10%

Pain Therapy

Any pain on your body or headache? All types of physical pain, incl. headache will be released through our special “pain therapeutic treatment”. Special trigger points will be treated, which helps your body energy to flow freely again. This method eventually releases the tension and pain will be relieved.

60 min / 140 chf /126chf*

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Antistress massage

Anti-stress massage focus on relieving tension in the head neck and shoulder. Helping to alleviate insomnia, headaches, and congestion.

30 min / 70 chf / 63chf*
60 min / 110 chf /99chf*
90 min / 160 chf

*Membership -10%

Herbal stamp massage

The Thai Herbal Stamp compress techniques offers several potential health benefits: it induces deep relaxation relieves stress and fatigue, boosts both emotional and physical well-being, assists alignment and postural integrity of the body, improves circulation of blood and lymph and stimulates the internal organs.

90 min / 230 chf /207chf*
120 min / 270c
hf /243chf)*

*Membership -10%