Sport massage in Zurich includes several massage techniques

A sport massage in Zurich is the perfect choice after doing some sports. It includes several massage techniques and generates a maximum level of relaxation – before and after sport activities. The fundament of a sport massage in Zurich is set up with a classic massage. Full-body-applications are thinkable, but a sport massage in Zurich can also include only some parts of the body. When applied partly to the body, the sport massage in Zurich sets its focus on the legs, for example. This would especially be the case when some walking or running sports have been done.

Sport massage techniques

A typical feature of the sport massage in Zurich is the application of the different hand techniques. Those are clearly leaned against the massage technique used with a classic massage. Beside stroking and kneading, chafing and beating is also a common hand technique used on necessary locations. Some masseuses also use pressure and push their hand onto the body location. The goal of a sport massage in Zurich is slackening tension – also including the deeper muscle regions. Special techniques are used for that. Basically, the sport massage in Zurich is a regeneration massage. Following this, a lymph drainage and shaking techniques are also applied to the specific body locations or to whole body parts.

Individualised massage depends of the sport and the customers type

Especially the length and the arrangement of the sport massage in Zurich is individualised depending on the specific needs of every customer. The amount of muscle-areas needing to be slackened is a key-feature when individualising a sport massage in Zurich.  Besides the preparation massage there also exists a training massage and a massage for the pauses. In addition to that, a regeneration massage can be applied afterwards. The preparation massage is applied directly before any sport activities. It only takes about 5 minutes but will help the muscles slackening. It is also warming them up for the following strain. Short but fast moves are typical hand techniques within a preparation massage. Another result of such a massage is the psychological effect when applied directly before a competition.